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Why Reclaim PPI?

payment protection insurance claims

Thousands of PPI Agreements have been Mis-Sold

It is now clear that in thousands of cases Personal Protection Insurance has been mis-sold. Credit Card Payment Protection, Sickness Accident Unemployment Cover, Mortgage Protection Cover.. whatever your bank or credit card company called their PPI, in numerous case it was sold without the knowledge of the customer or without giving the customer proper information on the policy terms and conditions.

payment protection insurance claims

PPI Claims Are Substantial

The amount of money which can be claimed by individual customers for PPI is often much more than they realise. For a loan of 12,000 euro over a 5 year loan term, PPI payments are often in the region of 4,000 euro. Many claims will be in the region of 1000 euro to 20,000 euro.

payment protection insurance claims

Was my PPI Mis-Sold?

Some customers were not aware they were buying PPI. Others were not made aware of Key Facts and the exclusions in the small print. PPI was sold to customers who were self employed, contract workers, part time or of pensionable age despite the fact that in many cases they would not be eligible to claim under the policy conditions. In other cases customers were informed that they would need PPI in order to have their loans approved. These are just examples of the reasons that PPI has been found to have been mis-sold.

payment protection insurance claims

McHale Muldoon - Experienced PPI Claim Solicitors

We are Dublin based solicitors who are widely experienced in presenting PPI Claims. You can be confident that we are on your side and aiming for the best possible outcome to your PPI Claim.




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